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This game was first mentioned in "The World of Wordes" by Florio in 1611.  Like One & Thirty it is an ancestor to Blackjack.  Up to 8 players may play.  The dealer deals three cards to each player.  The first two cards are face down and the third face up.  It must be noted that the cards are dealt three at a time and not one to each player in order to make three.  The play is made in two parts.

Part One - The Bone: The player with the highest face up card wins the bone.  The bone is one coin or the previously agreed upon wager for the bone paid by each other player.  In the case of a tie the player with the elder hand wins.  Aces are high and the Ace of Diamonds or Bone Ace wins all.

Part Two: The player with the hand closest to 31 without going over wins.  Aces are eleven points, face cards 10 and the other cards have their face value.

If you are interested in a source for Elizabethan era playing cards contact me.

[Source: Elizabethan Card Games]

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