Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Fox and Geese


Place thirteen counters on the top three rows of the board. These are the Geese. Place one counter in the centre of the board. This is the Fox. The Geese are trying to pen in the Fox so he can’t move. They can move one space at a time along the lines in any direction. The fox is trying to eat the Geese. To eat a Goose the Fox hops over it like in checkers. The fox can jump over more than one Goose per turn. Otherwise the Fox moves one space along the lines just like the Geese. The Fox does not have to jump, and goes first.


The Geese can only move straight up, down or side to side; not diagonally. If played this way place two
more Geese on the board.

The Geese move first.

The Fox starts on any open space.

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