Monday, March 31, 2014

Royal Game Tourneys for the Upcoming Reign of Siegfried and Ragni

In the Kingdom of Ealdormere's upcoming reign of Siegfried and Ragni, there will be a series of Royal Game Tourneys held. At (hopefully) each event, a member of the Games Guild of Ealdormere will host a tourney featuring a different game. Each person playing will receive a point, with the top three players scoring eight, five or three points (depending on where they place). The top player will also receive a prize (a copy of the game featured that day). At the end of the reign, the gentle with the most points over all will win a box crammed full of gaming supplies.

Current Schedule

April 26, Spring Coronation, Nine-Man’s-Morris, Between courts

May 16-19, Fruit of Our Labours, Dicing (In and Inn, 31, 3 throws), time TBA

May 24, Spring Crown Tournament, Alquerques, Between the end of Crown and evening court, time permitting

June 7, Pikeman’s Pleasure, Chess, Between courts

June 27-July 1 War of the Trillium, Bowles, Likely Friday afternoon
                                                     Glic, time TBA

Aug 29-Sep 1, Baron’s Howe, Tafl (Tablut version), time TBA

Sep 6, Feast of the Bear, Primero, time TBA

Open Spots on the Schedule:

I am still looking for someone willing to host a tourney at the following events. If interested, please PM me.

June 12-15       Murder Melee

June 21-22       Summer Siege

July 11 -13       The Baron’s Brouhaha

Scoring for the Royal Game Tourneys for the upcoming Reign of Siegfried and Ragni

The person who comes in first in any tourney, will score EIGHT points.
The person who comes in second will score FIVE points.
The person who comes in third will score THREE points.
Everyone else who participates will score ONE point.

In cases of a tie, all tied players score the points.

At the end of the reign, the person who has scored the most points will win a chest full of games.

Prize Donations:

Lady Leisl Woolemonger
Master Gunther Wahlstadt of Bremen
THLaird Colyne Stewart

Further Donations:

Though these tourneys will only be taking place in Ealdormere, the Games Guild actually has members all over the Known Worlde, and I am most willing and able to accept prize donations from anywhere.

I am donating some of my own games to the cause, and will be making more, but some specific things I am still looking for include:

- period dice (made of wood, bone, antler, glass, etc)
- period looking playing cards
- a chess set

I am also looking for donations of games, game books, and playing pieces for the prize box to be awarded at the end of the reign.

Prizes can be mailed to me (PM me for the address) or, if you will be attending Pennsic, you can drop them off with THL Augustyn who can be found in the De Taahe camp (which will also be where Their Majesties Ealdormere will be camping).

If you do donate, please label your donations so proper credit will be given to your generosity.

With many thanks,

THLaird Colyne Stewart, Chancellor of Games for Siegfried and Ragni