Game Links


Alquerque: Rules and variants.

The Alquerque Family: Related games.

Alquerques: This page is under construction.
Ball Games

Boules and Bocce: Roll da ball!

Bowls: Article on different bowling games.

Croquet and Cousins: Croquet and related games.

Filling the Time in the Elizabethan Era: Games and pastimes for the idle rich.

Football: It's period! (Under the name Gameball.)

The Game of Culf: An ancestor of golf.

History of Billiards: It's older than you may think.

Kingibats: This may or may not have existed in period.

Marbles: A page about, well...marbles.

Some 17th Century Games: Rules for three games.

Tennis: Another self-obvious page.
Board Games (various)

Dogs and Jackals: An Egyptian game.

Go: A very popular board game.

Goose: More often called, The Game of the Goose.

Lilith's Tablero Page: Likely the most popular game in the SCA.

Making Board Games the Easy Way: Make yer own board.

Mancala: An Ancient game played with seeds.

The Game of Merels: Or Nine-Man-Morris.

Nyout: Third Century Korean game.

Online Games: Play Morris, Hnefatafl and Go-Muku online.

Rithmomachy: A game for the incredibly brainy.

Roman Board Games: Rules for eight different games.

The Royal Game of Ur: A Mesopotamian game.

The Game of Senet: An Egyptian race game.

Shove Groat: A Viking game.

Tablero de Jesus: A 15th Century Spanish game (or so they think).

Tablero de Jesus: More on Tablero.

Tablero Rule Book: Even more on this game.


Alphabetical Index of Card Games: Including some period games.

A Brief History of Playing Cards: As the title says...

Card Games Web Site: Lots of information on card games, listed by name, game mechanics and region.

Elizabethan Card Games: Rules for Maw, Thirty & One, Bone-ace and Ruff and Honours.

Etienne de Vignolles, dit La Hire: A card depicting LA Hire, the French Knight who invented Piquet.

Landsknecht: For two or more players.

Playing the Royal and Delightful Game of Piquet: How to play the game also known as Cent.

Primero: A Renaissance game.

Primero: More on Primero.


The Chess Family: Related games.

Children's Games

Hopscotch: History, rules and variants.

Running Games: Four games.

Tag Games: Twelve games.


Let the Dice Roll: An article on medieval dice.

Glückhaus: An easy dice game, but a board or cards are needed as well.

Gluckshaus: A variant and more familiar version of Glückhaus.

Hazard: Dice game.

Hazard and Craps: Dice games.

Physical Games

Glima: Viking wrestling.

Kubb: A Swedish throwing game.


Ard-Ri: Scottish tafl.

Gwyddbwyll: Welsh tafl.

The History of Tabula Letum: Regional variations of tafl.

Hnefatafl: A treatise on tafl, in German but the pictures are still handy.

Hnefatafl: Another German page.

Hnefatafl: Yet another German page.

Hnefatafl: Play various versions online.

Hnefatafl - The Strategic Board Game of the Vikings: A very long and informative article with rules for different variants.

Hnefatafl - The Viking Game: Another excellent article with rules for related games.

Tablut: Play online.

The Tafl Family: A short article on Tafl and its descendents.

Viking Game: History of the game.

Tile Games

Dominoes: Rules and history.


Teething Toys: Article from Stefan's Florilegium.

Toy Dolls: Article from Stefan's Florilegium.

Toys in the Middle Ages: Article from Stefan's Florilegium.

Toys: Article from Stefan's Florilegium.


Alphonso X Book of Games: An online medieval text regarding games.

An Tir: In An Tir they have an A&S officer called the game master. Here is their A&S listing, and here is their badge.

Atlantia's A&S Links: For toys, games and more.

Baron Modar's Medieval Games: Rules and links.

Elliott Avendon Museum and Archive of Games: Much information on games, hosted by the University of Waterloo.

Entertainment Index: From Stefan's Florilegium.

Extracts from "The Compleat Gamester" by Charles Cotton (1674): Extracts from a book of games rules, including sports.

Game Cabinet: An online magazine about games.

Games of the Vikings: What did they do, other than rape, pillage and plunder?

Here, Have another Beer and go Play: Miscellaneous game links.

The International Society for Board Game Studies: An online resource for board game enthusiasts.

MacGregor Historical Games: Purveyor of many Medieval games.

Medieval Entertainment: Many links, including SCA entertainments.

Medieval Games: Rules for various games, maintained by Baron Modar.

The Online Guide to Traditional Games: With rules for many board, table, pub and lawn games.

P. S. Neeley Shareware: Play medieval and ancient games on your computer.

Period Games: Links.

Rules for Medieval Games: Rules for many different games.
Stefan's Florilegium: The entertainment articles.

That's Entertainment 1500-1700: Sports and pastimes.

Tournaments Illuminated: The Games index.