Guild Merchants

Bryanna's Treasure Box
Cloth games and wood toys including: 9 men Morris,
Tablut, Hnefetafl, Rithmomachia, Senet, Royal game of
Ur, Mehen, Hounds and Jackals, Draughts, Backgammon and
yes Tablero da Gucci. Hand painted on cloth these
games are fun to play anywhere.

Green Yak Games
Sets of 4 sheep knucklebones, engraved to play Roman style dice, also available plain, tea-dyed, and in larger numbers to play Mongolian games.  Each set comes in a fabric pouch, with game instructions.  Advance orders are required to prepare the bones.

Lady Peg Leg's Gifts and Crafts
Wood board games including Mancala, byzantine chess,
oblong chess, alquerque and Tablero da Gucci (not
period, but popular) She also makes long brass dice.
Lady Peg Leg is a long-time SCA merchant and a games
guild member.

Macgregor's Historic Games
16th C German, 15th Century Visconti Tarot, Tarot of
Marseilles and other period card sets, cloth games,
wood games, dice and more. They merchant in person around the Nordskogen area at various historic-themed events (Fur trade, F & I, Renfairs, SCA, ranging around the Minnesota 5-state area). Due to other event commitments they don't go to any big wars, but we also offer some of our wares wholesale so if others are interested in picking up some of our things for their local market.

The Rusty Rapier
"Purveyor of fine handcrafted medieval games and other sundries for the refined medieval enthusiast! We have a wealth of games we would like to share with you, and have more on the way. Oh, and did I mention we take requests? If you know of a game that you would like to see offered, by all means drop us a line by using the contact us link on the left hand side to let us know about it. I, Mad Antonio the proprietor of the Rusty Rapier, am a rabid gamer and love to learn new games."