These boards can be downloaded and printed onto paper or card-stock for instant gaming. Each board also includes brief rules.


Fox and Geese 

Hound and Hares 

Tafl variants 

Tafl Boards

Books and pamphlets by members of the Games Guild

Book of game rules and articles by members of the Games Guild (pdf file).

The first issue of the Games Guild newsletter (pdf file).

Containing "Is Tablero Period, and Should We Care?" by Laird Colyne Stewart
"Mitigati" by Master Rufus of Stamford
"A Brief Timeline of the Medieval Playing Card"
"The Rules of Glic" by Laird Colyne Stewart
"The Tafl Family of Games: Rules and History with an Emphasis on Tablut" by  Laird Colyne Stewart
"Games Galore" by Lord Raffe Scholemaystre

The second issue of the Games Guild newsletter (pdf file).

Containing "What the Mongols do for Fun: Playing with Shagai" by Lady Qadanchin Bayar
"Give it a Hurl: The Sport of Hurling" by Laird Colyne Stewart
Letters from Readers
Guild Activities

Pocket sized booklet of game rules (pdf file).


A handy form for gaming competitions at events.